Stewardship & Development Committee

History of the Stewardship & Development Committee


On July 1, 2009, the Stewardship & Development Committee was formed at St. Catherine Parish.

Bishop Larry Silva mandated that all 66 parishes in the Diocese of Honolulu create a Stewardship Program that would help keep the parishes sustainable and viable for the future.

With this idea, the Holy Spirit began the work of inspiration and passion that today has given St. Catherine Parish the first Stewardship & development Committee in the Diocese of Honolulu. St. Catherine Parish began the arduous work of embracing the concept of Discipleship along with the understanding of the Call, the Cost, and the Challenge of being a good Steward.

Since the formation in 2009, St. Catherine Parish Stewardship & Development Committee has helped expand our ministries, increased our registered individuals and families, and shared the spiritual concept of Stewardship as a form of acknowledging and giving thanks for all that God has gifted us with.

The Stewardship & Development Committee continues to progress in educating and empowering the faithful to participate in the mission that Jesus began when he challenged each of us to “bear one another’s burdens:. (Gal. 6:2)


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